Madeline Miigwan Johnson

I'm an Anishinaabe Native American storyteller, teacher, editor, copywriter, and graphic artist. I currently teach College Writing at Century College in Minnesota. Prior to that, I was a University Writing Consultant and taught four semesters of First-Year English as a Teaching Assistant while working on my Master's in English. Writing for Indian tribes, Native American organizations and working in Native American media has been my jam, but telling powerful stories is my bottom line. Everyone has a powerful narrative to share. Let me write yours. 

Why We Go Into The Woods

This personal story was written for Duluth Pack's "Person Behind The Pack" blog project. It was published on the Duluth Pack website in December 2019. "When we go into the woods, we remind ourselves what it means to be human. We go to confront our limitations, to bask in the quiet stillness, and test our boundaries. A young traveler gives her advice - when you go into the woods, go prepared with your canvas waxed, your friends close by and a positive spirit in your heart."

Bones and Stories: On Reclaiming Indigeneity When History is Written by the West

"Bones and Stories: On Reclaiming Indigeneity When History is Written by the West" is an essay I wrote on a topic I feel passionately about. I address the difficulty of applying western frameworks to indigenous knowledge and memory places, informed by western research and academia, contemporary Indigenous authors, traditional and cultural knowledge and history as well as my own grandparents' experience of surviving the Indian boarding school experience.

Merrell X

Here at Duluth Pack, quality craftsmanship is not just a core value— it’s a way of life, and it’s the way we’ve operated since day one. When we came together with our friends at Merrell to create two pairs of durable, comfortable, and protective boots that would withstand the test of time, we knew we were making something special. Merrell’s commitment to high-quality craftsmanship, like our own, is rooted in a heritage of love for the outdoors and the intrepid spirit of those who venture there.

Cedar + Stone Nordic Sauna

I drafted this piece for Duluth Pack, and worked on editing and copywriting. "The legendary winters of Duluth lead many people to seek out the relaxing effects of heat and steam. Justin Juntunen, founder of Cedar + Stone Nordic Sauna, knows the powerful, positive influence that the sauna has on the body and mind-- and he has brought it to the Northland for all the enjoy. Read to find out how you can get in on Duluth's new wellness adventure."

Ashley Bredemus - Life at the End of the Gunflint Trail

I co-wrote this piece, and served as a copywriter and interview conductor. The subject, Ashley Bredemus, lives in near-complete isolation in the Northern reaches of Minnesota. "Meet Ashley Bredemus - one of the toughest Minnesotan's we know! Living her life in the deep wilderness at the end of the Gunflint Trail, read all about her adventures and wild life without running water, cell reception, or indoor plumbing."

12 Days of Giving

I wrote this blog post for Duluth Pack's 12 Days of Giving Event during Christmas, 2019. "The holiday season is about a lot of things. During the coldest, darkest part of the year, we turn to one another for warmth and light. We show our appreciation for our friends, family, and those around us by giving gifts, sharing food, and celebrating together. The holidays are also a time to be grateful for what we have, and turn our eyes to people in need— who needs help? What can we do to make someone’s life better?"

Ready & Roam

I co-wrote this blog post for Duluth Pack, and conducted the interview with the owners of Ready & Roam. It was a treat to get to know these two remarkable business owners. "We want to know the best places to stay, eat and experience but we don’t want to spend hours behind a computer trying to figure it out. Enter: Ready & Roam, an online travel magazine curated by experienced travelers and local experts who are well connected and ready to share the 'best of the best.'"
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